Dear Marijuana

I never thought I’d see this day, but I need to stop seeing you for a while. First let me assure you that though it may sound cliche, it’s not you it’s me. You have every right to hate me. I’m the reason we can’t be together anymore. The least I owe you is an explanation.
I got careless and disapproving people found out about us. It shames me more than I can say to bend to the will of these judgmental third parties who think I ought to be ashamed of you. I’m not. At the mention of your name, they get a somber (for the ‘concerned’) or scandalized (for the judgmental). I’ve thought it through and if I attempted to defend you…. They’d think I had gone crazy and check me into a facility(rehab/mental). They don’t know you like I do. I’ll always love you albeit from a distance.
I’ll spend my time away from you building myself and my empire to prove myself to a level where people shall be wise enough to keep their opinions. Apparently when I’m with you I have no time for anyone or anything else. I think they’re just jealous. When we meet again you just may not recognize me, our reunion will be on the beaches of California or streets of Amsterdam where no one will look at us funny for PDA.
In the meantime I know you know I love you and you are irreplaceable to me if it was up to me we’d never part. I have to say it anyway because cowardice which made me not stand up for you makes me incredibly guilty. I hope you can forgive me and remember me fondly as I will you.

10 Things I’ll Miss About You.
You’ve shown and taught me so much since the day we met, I don’t know where to begin. You helped me leash my Wild&Impulsive side and flammable temper that escalated situations and got me into trouble. Now I always appear Cool, Calm and Collected and choose and fight my battles wisely.
You are the the catalyst for my creativity and enable me to get out of my own way and write without criticizing myself.  I honestly haven’t figured out to do this part without you.

2.Stoner Community
I met so many people I’d never have known otherwise. Different as night and day and in most cases united only by you. A good number of them will never forgive me for betraying you but with time they’ll accept me since #StonersAreNotLoners.

3. That First Puff
If you’ve met my Lady MaryJane then you definitely know what I’m talking about. That first puff that fires you up before you can even judge the quality of the bud and decide if #JahBless the farmer(for good stuff).

4. The High
You experience everything afresh the first time you get high right. Everything is better. The sound of music, taste of food, the wind in your face, the graphics on a video game… Everything.

5. Stoner Sex
The thought is enough to make me tingly in my fun parts. Seriously get enough high grade in me and I can go all night or evening if it was a 4.20 affair.

6. Marijuana Moments
You haven’t heard or seen anything stoopid unless you’ve hang out with stoners. You never what will be said or done next as everyone’s Marijuana moment shows them some different.

7. Team Munchies
Emerging from the den and destroying  your way through whatever food is unfortunate enough to stand in your way.

8. Agents/Pedis
Of all peddlers only kush agents can get high on their supply(and customers) happily and without fear. You get into their crib ivi and they start telling you vile hii ni ya wazito… If you express any doubt anakuchoma on the spot. Get high, company comes by, times fly and you emerge higher than a kite on a windy day swearing next time to take his word for it.

9. Rooftops
Countless rooftops visited, amazing views. We can all be pilots with you, on a rooftop only your imagination limits how high we fly.

10. Accessories/4.20ism
Being part is the #legalizeit movement around the world and standing proud using small accessories. Key chains, T-shirts, tattoos, posters, graffiti, jewelry etcetera 

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7 thoughts on “Dear Marijuana

  1. Hahaha! 😀 😀
    This isn’t a break up. Y’all are just taking a ‘break’.
    When you get back… I want a threesome with the lady 😉


  2. This is a crazy emotional break up or “i need a break” sought of thing. Thanx to marijuana which will eventually make you feel “you ony know you love her when you let m.j go” 😉


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